In late 2020, a proposal appeared upon the Free TON forum from a company using the name ‘Merkle Tree Capital’. The proposal was, initially, met with scepticism. However, after lengthy discussions and adamant claims of their ability to deliver from their representative, Thabang (Telegram: @thabangmaexx) an amended version of the proposal was tentatively accepted.

Unfortunately, after many failures on their behalf to deliver upon even the simplest of promises, we are forced to face facts. Both Merkle Tree Capital, and their representative Thabang, have committed an act of fraud against our community.

Requests have been made for all payments to…

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Free TON is a decentralized blockchain network that was ​launched by a community of developers and validators on May 7, 2020.

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Первичная настройка

1. Установите Crystal Wallet

2. Нажмите кнопку Add, выберите Existing multisig и укажите адрес 0:7866e5e4edc40639331140807d2a2dc7d4bc53005bb34d71428cdd250c91b404

3. Нажмите на три точки сверху справа и выберите Key storage

4. Нажмите Create

5. Введите имя и выберите Import existing

6. Введите свою сид-фразу и нажмите Save

Это нужно сделать один раз.

Отправка транзакций

1. Зайдите в аккаунт мультисига

2. Нажмите Send

3. Введите адрес, сумму и нажмите Send TON

4. Выберите ранее сохранённый ключ и нажмите Confirm

5. Нажмите Send TON

6. Введите пароль от кошелька

Подписание транзакций

1. Зайдите в аккаунт мультисига

2. Вы увидите новую транзакцию, нажмите Confirm

3. Выберите ранее…

Instructions for signing a multisig transaction

Initial setup

  1. Install Crystal Wallet

2. Click the Add button, select Existing multisig and enter the address 0: 7866e5e4edc40639331140807d2a2dc7d4bc53005bb34d71428cdd250c91b404

3. Click on the three dots in the upper right and select Key storage

4. Click Create

5. Enter a name and select Import existing

6. Enter your seed-words and click Save

This must be done once.

Sending transactions

1. Log into your multisig account

2. Click Send

3. Enter the address, the amount and press Send TON

4. Select the previously saved key and click Confirm

5. Click Send TON

6. Enter your wallet…

1. We held a weekly meeting Free TON # 38 in English and discussed the main events:

- RustNet tokens and technical updates;
- Information about TIP 2;
- The second part of the DGO Sub-governance competitions.

2. AMA sessions:

- With the INDACOIN team, a cryptocurrency exchange for exchanging fiat money for cryptocurrency, they prepared a collaboration proposal;

- With the 0xGames team, a game development studio specializing in blockchain-based open economy games, they offer a partnership;

- With the team presenting the “Art Erotic Challenge». …

💎Token Distribution for the previous proposals and contests are on the way

On January 22, there were distributed 10 710 117 TONs for the following:


💎#114 Korean Sub-governance Past Contests Tokens

🥳 Contests

💎 Telegram Winners #4 1GRAM wallet
💎 #82 Hardware Device App Contest — Part 1. Ledger
💎#83 Crowdsource Voting Audit Solutions for Latin American Elections
💎#96 Сontest Proposal: TON Surf testers reward for the beta testing period (STAGE 2)

+Initial validators vesting period⏳
+MLudi New Validator vesting stakes🥩
+MLudi additional rewards🏆

👉See full table👈👀

Thank you for participating in the contests, in the future we will see an even larger number of participants🙌

Stay tuned for more updates!🚀

Free TON is…


Seven prominent representatives of the bitcoin industry, whose activities in 2020 pumped up the market, one anti-hero, who sowed chaos, and the dislikes king, who disappointed the community. Let’s meet the winners (and one loser) of ForkLog’s Man of the Year voting.

During the voting, readers could not only cast votes for the favorites, but also dislike ones, disputing the right of a particular nominee for victory. In the category “Antagonist of the Year”, the “ yes “ vote was given to the one who brought the industry and the community the most harm.

We subtracted the dislikes…

Gov.Freeton.Org — интерфейс для голосования в конкурсах в системе децентрализованного управления Free TON.

Перейдите на главную страницу Gov.Freeton.Org

Слева в выпадающем меню вы увидите список SubGovernance.

SubGovernance выдвигают предложения и проводят конкурсы, голосовать в которых — обязанность членов жюри и SubGovernance members. Members — это люди, которые активно участвуют в деятельности всего SubGovernance, каждый из них является также членом жюри и имеет право голоса. Остальные члены жюри — те, кто обладает профильными знаниями и прошли конкурсный отбор именно для судейства в конкретном SubGovernance (например, в сфере Development, SMM, Web Design). Любой конкурс начинается с конкурсного предложения (Proposals). …

Gov.Freeton.Org is an interface for contests voting in the decentralized governance system of Free TON.

Go to the main page of Gov.Freeton.Org.

On the left side of the page, you can see the list of SubGovernances in the pop-down menu.

SubGovernances make proposals and run competitions, it is the responsibility of the jury and SubGovernance members to vote in it. Members are people who are actively involved in the activities of the SubGovernance, each of them is also a jury member and has the right to vote. The other jurors are those who have subject matter expertise and have been…

“We must be free not because we claim freedom,

but because we practice it.” - William Faulkner

Free Internet by Free TON

First, let’s just run through the clichés.

Memes such as, “Big brother’s watching” and, “George Orwell wrote 1984 as a warning, not as an instruction manual,” have become platitudes. Outrageous facts revealed by Edward Snowden and Julian Assange shocked us all, but apparently not enough for us to do much more than lay their sacrifices atop our mantelpieces among all of the other useless chachkies so “life as usual” could just keep on going.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Instagram, etc., ad nauseum, ad…

Free TON

Freedom of speech, information and software. Giving power back to the community. Welcome to Free TON!

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